Sunday, August 4, 2013

Just Because I'm a Nanny

It doesn't mean this doe wants to be looking after kids all the time.  Last night it was Cupid.  Tonight it was Cupid and Little Bit!

Little Bit got left behind when his maa, Kizzy, went to pasture, so the human wanted me to take him out with Cupid.

Those two kept wanting to stop, and I had to keep them moving to go all the way to the back hill where the rest of the herd was browsing.

He did finally find his maa.

No chance of him getting lost now that he's found the right udder to follow.

I might have to put my hoof down if that human thinks I'm going to keep doing this just because I'm a nanny.


Patty Woodland said...

It's tough when you're good at something Millie - people can take advantage. I'd hide from your human. Than she can't saddle you with these kids.

S. J. Qualls said...

But, Millie, you are so good at it...

Alica said...

But doesn't it make you feel good to do something nice for someone? Those kids NEEDED you! :)

Mary Ann said...

Laughing... you ARE good at it!