Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hay Day

The human started cleaning out the barn because she said it was old, icky hay, and we deserve better. We all tried to help her out, even though she said it was icky.

Minnie has a thing for the truck. She's always hopping in there to see what she can find.

From top to bottom is Stormy, Penny, Helen and Maggie. They were making sure the bales weren't going to fall off the truck.

We're not really sure why Spice was clear on top of the truck. Jilly was helping even though she's due to have baby(ies) on July 11th. Those silly kids are playing under the truck. Don't worry. Nobody was hurt or injured with the human's working and driving in the barnyard. The only loss was one of our water buckets. Darn human drivers!

Sally's the only one who got to help her in the barn with sorting and cleaning because she hadn't been feeling well. She certainly seems to be acting better now, so why did she get to go in? We don't know.
Even after the human finished for the day, there was some hay left outside. The geese don't think it looks bad.

Neither does naughty Rooster Boy.

Minnie seems to think it makes a nice place for a nap.

Tomorrow, I bet we get the nice fresh hay coming in! I did promise cute, dry pictures of Kizzy's babies. Here they are. This is Dana, who was born first.

Her twin sister is Dixie.

I have to admit, Dixie is really cute, even if she isn't one of my kids or grandkids.

Look What Kizzy Did

She had a baby!

Actually, she had two baby girls. She did it all on her own. I just hope she knows she has to feed them. After all, she's never had kids before.

Dry, cute pictures to follow.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Silly Jilly

Hey, do you have a mirror?

I think I got mulberry on my face.

Do I have something on my nose?

Sunday, June 27, 2010


Look at this. I convinced Betty Lou to stay up and watch all of the kids. Well, all but Flash; he went out to pasture with us. I got to go play in pasture and browse.

Notice all the mud again.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Nanny on Duty

It has been suggested (by someone that is jealous???) that I didn't know about the lush pasture our human gave us because I was being a princess. Not true. It's simply that I am a very doting, caring mama. How many of you would just go away and leave your kids at home with no nanny to look after them and their fourteen friends of the same age? That's what I thought.

I'm compromising. I will go eat in the pasture, but I'm going to stay close enough to keep an eye on my kids. Think they'll notice me? I'm out there by the cow. I can see my Beau and Bambi along with Joe's Flash.

Guess what goes on while we're out at pasture eating.

How many kids do you think can fit on the tree at one time?

I see Peanut and Beau. Sparkle running down the tree. Peanut, Vesta, and Jetty at the top. Flash starting to climb. That's seven kids. Where are the other nine???? Oh, they're playing a little farther up in the barnyard.

Oops, Maddie is sliding down the tree. I wonder where her Mom is if she were to fall and get hurt. I'm not sure how Vesta can stay up there. Good thing there's a nanny on duty here.

Here comes Misty and Heather to chase everyone else away.

They have been practicing tree climbing longer than most of the others.

Heather is a dedicated tree climber, practicing after everyone else has left. Now, wouldn't you feel better knowing that there is a responsible nanny keeping an eye on your kids? I thought so.

It won't be long before the kids get bigger and we can take them out to pasture with us. Right now, we all go and leave the kids in the barnyard where it's safe, especially since I'm here.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Praise to the Human!

I couldn't believe the human was trying to starve me. I just couldn't believe it. When I was so hot and pregnant, I kind of quit going out to pasture. The human would bring me hay when everyone else had gone down. She was feeding me and Scarlet and Minnie (because she's a neurotic baby). She was so nice about it. Then I had the kids and she was feeding me hay. Wasn't that sweet of her?

After a few days, she quit giving me hay. I tried to go out to pasture, but the gate was closed. I couldn't get food. When I wasn't watching, she must have let everyone else out there because it was just me and Minnie left in the barnyard. For a week and a half I've been surviving on nasty barnyard weeds.

Finally, I begged for her to feed me. It was so cruel. She just said, "Go out to pasture." That's what she'd been telling Minnie this whole time. I begged again. Then finally, she took me by the collar and led me through the barnyard. We turned and then I saw grass.

Grass never tasted so good. I knew she wasn't really trying to starve me. I just didn't know what she meant when she told me to go to pasture. Minnie followed us and just stared as I devoured the grass.

Finally, the human convinced her it was okay for her to join me.

I thought she was going to try and eat the same piece of grass I was after. But she was just as hungry for good food as me, and she's neurotic, so I had to hold her hoof. We kept eating until we got to the end of the lane.

When I looked up, this is what I saw.

There was a whole hill of grass. I couldn't believe it. We kept going.

There were rose bushes and gooseberry bushes, but they had mostly been eaten off. It was true what everyone else was saying about a green lush land over the hill. I thought they were making this up, that it was a fairy tale.

When we got to the top of the hill, I finally saw them. Everyone but Minnie and I had been going out to eat every day while we were barely getting by on those horrible weeds.
"I told you so," taunted Meg.

Some of them were even across the ditch. I kept asking Pebbles why they had muddy hooves. I just didn't really believe there was such a ditch and such a pasture and all this food. Really, they were eating across the ditch. They were running and bouncing and having so much fun.

The llama was laying there under a tree. He didn't really look too happy about all of us goats in the pasture with him.

The boys were in the pasture across the fence. I knew I'd seen them by the gate when I couldn't get through it. They looked like they were enjoying the food too.

Oops! It looks like Betty Lou about fell in the ditch.

Poor muddy Betty. Hrmmph. They should all fall in the ditch for not telling Minnie and me about this place. I knew the human wouldn't starve me.

Look, even the bovine are out here enjoying the pasture beneath the full moon. Food! I have delicious food again.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Marley Osboer

Finally, I convinced that Millie goat that I should get to write. Everyone else had a turn while she was fat, pregnant and cranky (I think she's still a bit cranky if you ask me). Anyhow, I'm Marley Osboer!

I'm one of the bucks here on the farm. I'm the one that isn't Jack. I'm going to be a daddy for the first time very soon. Jilly is due on July 9. I'd have more babies, but I was kind of scared of Annie when we were sharing quarters this winter. She'd try to kill me every time I wanted to do my job. Next year, I'll be way bigger than her, so there's no way she'll keep me from doing my job then!


I'm growing a goatee! That means I'm getting to be an adult. After all, I just turned a full year old, and I'm pretty much as big as Jack. The human says I'm her Semital goat because of my color and curly bangs.

Would you like to give me a good scratch behind the horns? It feels so good. Please!

I'm talking to you Isobelle, you beautiful goat!