Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sunny Day

Meg finally brought her kids out today. The human has to keep her locked in with her kids until they are fast enough to keep up with her. She does not have a motherly bone in her body. We all helped raise her first set of twins because she always left them.

Meg looking out for Fancy and Velvet
Meg looking out for Fancy and Velvet

Big Red and Rover found something tasty. I think those clutzy geese dumped a pan of corn, so the boys were taking advantage of that. They are lucky--Scarlett usually finds every bit of corn that gets dropped.

Red and Rover

Pistol and Vinnie try climbing a tree. They are small, but nobody has more speed or moves. Vinnie is quite the bouncy girl. I'm glad Dolly has to keep up with them and not me.

Pistol and Vinnie

Sugar and Spice race in the barnyard. It's fun to slip through the gate and play up north with Pam and Cutie's kids. Pebbles just has to call, and they come running.

Sugar and Spice

Mason plays with Sadie. She is Lily's baby from last year, but baby enough to play with the new kids. She's pretty nice to the little ones.

mason and adie

Vixen and Angel have plenty of energy since they are getting bottles. Twins and playmates, they stick together. Half the time, the run through the gate and come into our part of the barnyard. Hmm...maybe the human should switch Pebbles and Cutie around. No, no, no, we don't want pushy Cutie Pie down here.

Vixen and Angel

There are eleven kids running around now. It was a beautiful, sunny and eighty degree day. They were so wound up this evening. There is nothing more fun than watching them bounce around.

Monday, March 29, 2010


I must say things are quite boring around here without Goliath. He was born here on June 18, 2008. His mother was Madilyn May Saanen and his father was Ozzy Osboer. If you can't tell by the name, he was huge. He inherited his father's boer bulk and his mother's long, tall Saanen body. He inherited his father's characteristic blood-curdling yell and his mother's ability to give whole body hugs.

I think it's the sweet part that made our human decide to keep him. His first year, he got to be with Mabel in the "love shack". They had three skinny, funny little dairy-looking kids. The human even went out and brought home three girls just for Goliath the next year. I admit he does make big beautiful babies, including my grandkids, Sugar and Spice.

He would alway be yelling for food or attention. It would start quiet and keep building volume until is was the most god-awful-someone-is-killing-the-beast yell. Maybe it's just quieter without him.

No, that isn't why it's boring without him though. He had a way of acting out to get attention. He liked to beat his head against the cattle panel fences. Unlike my musical head-banging, he would beat them up to get out. He would lift the gate off its hinges, which is how I got the grandkids, Sugar and Spice. He would break the chain holding the gate shut.

It was entertaining to see how he was going to get our human to give him attention next. This winter, when he got snowed in, he started beating on the walls of the lean-to. He knocked one board completely loose (The human was not happy about that).

Any time he could, Goliath would follow behind the human rubbing his face up and down her hip. He would bounce like a kid and stand on his back legs, making him six feet tall. That is what really got him sent away--not realizing that he was so big and strong and wanting to play like he was a little kid. That one-hundred eighty-five pound goat could do a lot of damage to a fence or a human. He didn't mean any harm, he just didn't know the damage he was doing.

Even though I do miss him, it's still not quiet because the big booming voice he inherited from his dad was passed down to Goliath's kids. But it was fun to watch him beating on the fence.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Pasture Day

Oh how nice it was. I was just trying to play my horns on the gate when it happened. My horns snipped through the wire. It was old and rusty so our human should have known to replace it, but she didn't. Well, after my horn just ripped through there, it was easy for us to slip through.

We went down to the pasture. If felt so good to get out of the barnyard and stretch and run and eat green stuff. Granted we almost had to scrape our teeth in the dirt because the grass hasn't grown up very much, but it was green. Then I looked up, and there she was on top of the hill, so I called for everyone to high tail it back up to the barnyard. I hoped she wouldn't be mad and yell and kick us out for the coyotes to eat the way she did the rooster (I personally have seen him attack our human several times since she kicked him out. I hate to think how mean he was to the other rooster.).

She didn't even say anything. We went back in the barnyard, well most of us. Later, we went back out to pasture. Dolly and Pebbles even brought their babies. Helen is definitely her mother's daughter--she got her head stuck in the fence. Luckily our human was driving home and climbed the fence to help her out.

Because it was so nice to be out there, we came up with a plan to always have a couple of us out so she'd have to leave it open. Pebbles was out there, but she ruined our plan. As soon as it was supper time, she left her post and was back in the barnyard. When I tried to leave later, it was all put back together. Well, it was nice for a day.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

New Arrival

My girl Joe certainly enjoys life. She is smiley and sweet and good natured. I think she gets it from her mama.

All the kids (except Meg's brand new ones) are out running around the barnyard now. Big Red hasn't quite got the hang of the water bucket.

We have a newbie in the barnyard. I guess he's not new to the farm, but he just joined us out here in the barnyard. Our human threw a rooster out of the chicken coop/pen yelling like a maniac that she hoped he was eaten by a raccoon. I'm guessing he's not very nice to her or the other chickens. Joy--now we get to put up with him.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

They're Here

It's about time. Meg finally had her babies. There are two girls who look nothing like each other. One is white and red. The other is mostly black with a bit of white. Both have wattles. There's nothing in itself weird about that, after all Meg has wattles. She's always had at least one baby with wattles every time. It's not even the first time that she's had both babies with wattles. Well the little black baby has nicely placed, long wattles just like you'd expect. The little red and white one has ear wattles! Seriously, have you ever heard of ear wattles before?They are on both sides hidden by her floppy boerish ears.

Nothing weird with the black and white one, but how about those ear wattles?

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


What a beautiful day to lay outside in the sunshine chewing your cud. It's hard to believe that just about two weeks ago we had a snowdrift as tall as the fence. I was afraid Helen (in the picture) was going to venture over into the yard. Now, it's all sunshine. Yeah!
Unfortunately, our human isn't letting us out in the pasture yet. She keeps telling us to be patient and let it grow first, but she hasn't been eating hay all winter. She doesn't have to watch it turn green and lay in the hard barnyard. Oh, I long to be out in the green pastures browsing on rose bushes and clover and nettles and ...

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Barnyard Pool

Well, as the social director of the barnyard, I've decided we're going to have a pool as to when Meg will finally have her babies. Winner gets first choice of where to sleep in the barn for the next week. It hasn't gone as well as I'd hoped.

Meg wants to get in the pool for next Tuesday, but I won't let her be in the pool. She is the pool.

I tried convincing her daughter Jilly to vote for today. I thought Meg might help her daughter out and make her the winner. I'd like to get this done with because our human is cranky without her sleep. Silly Jilly refuses. She just wants her mom back, and she doesn't want any little brother or sister.

Stormy and Litha jointly picked tomorrow. Finally, some cooperation.

Scarlet says she isn't participating because she wants extra corn for the prize.

Minnie doesn't want to vote because she says she's big enough and tough enough that she can already sleep where she wants. She doesn't care.

Betty Lou doesn't believe Meg is pregnant at all. She says she's just fat because she chases everyone away from the food and eats it all herself.

Jack wants to vote, and I quote, "Oh, I know! I know!" I won't let him in the pool because he has inside information (as the father). Besides, he can't claim the prize because he's not in the barnyard with us any more.

Of course, my daughters are wonderful. Pebbles chose today; Joe took Tuesday.

Mabel is complaining that it isn't fair. She wants today too, but there's no way she will share the prize with Pebbles.

Oh, I give up! Somebody else can have the job of Barnyard Social Director. I just hope she has the kids soon so our human will quit being grumpy!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Snow Again

I so like yesterday's weather better than today. I will always take 60 and sunny over 30 and snowing. The kids are back under the heat lamps, and we are all huddled together. Maybe Meg is smart not having babies in this weather. It's definitely warmer where they are at. Still we are all anxious to meet her kids.

I'm still wearing the cast on my horn. It gives my tapping on the red gate a bit of a softer sound. I guess I'll leave it on for a while.

Pistol and Vinnie (Dolly's twins) haven't even gotten out for the last two days. Big Red (Lily's boy) did sneak out the open gate. He went over and introduced himself to the llama. I think the split lips were tickling his head because he was awfully bouncy. Mason (Pam's boy) has no interest in Cutie's girls. I guess he'll find them more fun when they start bouncing too. Right now, they still spend most of the time sleeping and eating.

I can hardly wait for my own kid(s) in June!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Not Again!

She did it to me again. This time she did it herself. I didn't think it was going to be this bad. It started with a telfa pad with duct tape wrapped around my horn. I thought that was all it was going to be. But no. She came and spread some white stuff on the tape and then shoved that darn cast back on my horn. She might think she's won, but I'll show her. I'll get it off eventually.

At least the ground is drying out some. I can walk around without mud squishing between my toes. It is fun to watch the kids playing. Pebbles even got to bring her girls, Sugar and Spice, outside today. They were having a lot of fun bouncing around. Cutie had her babies today. That just leaves Meg. She is so stubborn, she probably is just refusing to have them. If it were me, I'd have had them today while the weather was so beautiful.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Kids Under Control

Dolly finally figured out how to get her naughty girls under control. Put them in the hay tub with Lily's well-behaved boys.

The Results

After the voting is done, I think some people cheated. Okay, that's probably my fault because I'm new to this technology. Computers are not exactly standard in the barnyard. I'll make sure the poll closes before anybody's due date next time. Dolly had her babies on her due date, March 14th. They are already getting in trouble. I know it must be from their great-grananny Mabel's side of the family, not mine. My kids are all sweet.

Nobody even thought Pam was pregnant, but she had her baby the day after her due date. She only had one. She's such a little princess that she only has one; otherwise she wouldn't get any attention herself. Her mom spoiled her rotten, but don't tell Cutie I said that. She'd come beat me up. Five months pregnant, but she'd still come beat me up.

Lily was third, on her due date the 16th. Even though she isn't part of my family circle, I must say she is a good nanny, big beautiful kids and an udder that would almost make me jealous. It doesn't though because I'm the milking nanny and Lily is too dainty and delicate to let anyone milk her.

My daughter Pebbles was trying to beat Lily, but came in fourth by ten minutes. Wow! She has big beautiful girls. I'm sure she gets that from me. Her girls were up immediately being friendly with our human. That makes me happy to see. Maybe she'll change her mind about not keeping kids this year (face it--she always does).

Meg and Cutie are holding out. I don't know what they are waiting for. I say they should get it done!

Friday, March 12, 2010

The Contestants







Thursday, March 11, 2010

Exploding Goats

Oh my, oh my, those girls are getting huge. I must say Lily looks like she has two kids on one side and one on the other. I guess she could have triplets. After all she is one of the fifteen triplets her show-off mother has had. Her daughter Dolly looks like a round dalmation, with her black spotted white coat. I hate to admit it, but Dolly will make me a great-grananny. Cutie is actually looking pretty good. She doesn't look miserable huge like she did the last time she had babies. Her girl Pam still doesn't look too big either. I bet she only has one. Meg is still naughty even though she is huge. She could still beat up Minnie in their fight last week (I don't know what Minnie was thinking!). I must say, even though I might be a bit prejudice, my girl Pebbles looks awesome! She handles pregnancy quite well.
Muffin is as round as round can be. But she's not due until June. She's just fat and likes food.
I think the rest of us should start a barnyard pool on who will give birth first or how many kids will be born over spring break. I'd bet a pan of corn. No, only if I win. Hmmm. I'm betting Pebbles is first and there will be 11 kids born next week!
I am excited to have kids coming again. It definitely means spring and green grass will be following soon!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

All About Me

There is not much to talk about--the rain and fog and mud are still here, so we just stand in the barn and wait for it to quit. So I thought I'd tell you about my greatest passion--music. I am a very accomplished musician. From the time I was a little kid when my horns first grew out, I knew I was born to play them. I started by tapping gently on the cattle panel, or scratching on the wood. One of my favorite early styles of music was squeaking against the barn. If I spaced it just right, I could tip my head and squeak with every chew of the cud. I consider it my job to provide a lulling rhythm to help everyone sleep at night.
Recently, I expanded my musical stylings. My human brought the quansit hut. That heavy metal tin was just what I needed for some head banging! I can really wake the barnyard up. I rival the geese for volume. It's a whole new side of my creative energy. The only problem is that the tin shaves my horn. I didn't realilze how much it was damaging my beautiful horns until the day my human had to put a band aide on my left horn to stop it from bleeding. I think it really scared her because she made me stand still for the vet to come put a cast on it. My beautiful horn was wrapped. Then she had one put on my other horn. It was horrible! I could tap, but it really put a crimp in my music. I showed her though. I couldn't take not being able to play my music, and I worked and worked and worked and I got both of them pulled off! Ha! I showed her. You can't keep a musician down. I'll keep playing my horns forever!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Rain and Geese

It's foggy out today. And rainy. Did I mention that goats don't like rain? It runs down my horns. It drips from my beard. The whole barnyard has a wet goat smell. It's not as bad as a wet dog smell, but definitely not how you want to smell if company is coming. Some of the silly kids have been playing in the mud and have mud almost up to their knees. Joe and I spent most of the day in the quansit hut avoiding the rain.

Do you know what those geese do? They don't even try to walk around a mud puddle. They act like it's the best thing since a slice of fresh bread. They actually take a bath in it. That's right--a bath in a mud puddle, flapping their wings and honking and making quite the ruckus. It doesn't seem to me like it would do much good, but they sure look like they are having fun.

Goats, Change, and Mud

Oh those people are killing me. First, my drinking fountain is turned off. It hasn't had water for several days. Granted my human brings buckets of nice, clean, cold water for us to drink, but I like things to stay the same. I like knowing where my drink is at, not having to look around for the buckets. Next, they brought in this huge noisy machine. We all just spent the day standing as far away from it as we could get. Then it was quiet for a day or so, but it started up again. It went on all day long! I thought they were trying to dig a moat for us to drink from since they took out the fountain. Just when they got down to some water, they filled it back in. They just filled the moat up with the dirt. Now its a mess. There is mud everywhere. Those silly kids, Marley and Sally, were playing in the mud--not me. I don't like the mud squishing between my toes. And I still don't have a fountain. I wonder what they could be thinking? She should know goats don't like change, and we don't like mud.

Monday, March 8, 2010


My name is Millie Ann Saanen. I am one of the goats that live at Eden Hills. My human asked me if I wanted to write about life as one of the animal residents on the farm. I am excited to be writing to you. Goats are really a lot smarter than people think, and it's about time we had a voice. We can give you silly humans some good advice, if you'd only listen to us.

Let me introduce you to some of the other goats around here. Of course there is me. I have two daughters that live here with me, Pebbles and Joe. My grandkids Penny (Pebbles' daughter) and Barney (Joe's boy)also live here. My twin sister, Minnie Pearl is also part of my family. Her daughter Betty Lou and grandkid Helen are also here. The rest of the goats here are not really a part of my family circle. That silly human seems to like them though, so I mostly ignore them.

Well, I'm going to go munch on some hay and take a nap. I'll talk to you more later.