Friday, July 30, 2010


It's not often that we lose one of our own around here, so when we do, it's upsetting to all. I feel especially horrible after my comments from yesterday. I wasn't around when it happened, but I would guess it was an accident with everyone trying to stay out of the rain this morning. Lindy had never shared the barn with anyone because in her short life, it was all sunshine, despite a horribly rainy summer. I'm sure whomever jumped into the bunk where Lindy always slept didn't know she was there. By the time the human found her, even though there was a dangerously mad dash to the vet's office, nothing could be done.

Out of respect for Jilly and in honor of Lindy, I'm going to take a couple of days off. Blessings to everyone, and I'll be back soon.



Thursday, July 29, 2010

New Moms

New moms are quite the strange breed. As soon as the babies arrive, we know to clean them off and stand still so they can nurse. We wash them and look after them. I must admit, the human has gotten soft since I had my first kids. Now she helps out by cleaning bottoms with icky colostrum poo stuck to them. I had to take care of it myself. Anyhow, my point is that new moms just know what to do.

Then, for some strange reason you get one or two that just gets stupid. Jilly decided to take her day old daughter out to pasture--the big pasture. She had to go down the lane and over "Dead Tree Hill." That's when Jilly started screaming so loudly that it got the attention of the human who was busy getting Red's head out of the fence. Jilly lost her daughter! Granted, she had located Lindy by the time the human got there, but look at the dangers. She could easily get lost in that tall grass.

Do you think these big oafs are going to be looking out for an itty bitty kid? I don't think so.

I really don't think he's a guard llama. He'd just spit at her.

There's no way she could keep up climbing around these trees.

Again, the human spoils her. She stood out there cuddling Lindy, who just slept in her arms. Jilly would take a bite and a step or two and then yell and come running back to sniff her baby. Then she'd go off and have another bite before she came back to sniff the baby again. Finally, the human took Lindy back to the barnyard and Jilly followed.

It's much safer for a little kid here.

The next day, the human told Jilly she darn well better not take that baby out to pasture. Jill was smart enough to listen. This was her reward.

The human gave her hay. I was still in the barnyard, so I got to have a snack before going out to browse. I think we should always get a snack. Jill was still a goof. She was getting worn out going between baby and hay, so she insisted Lindy come right beside her.

It's a miracle these kids survive their new moms.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Stuffed Goat

Look what the human's mom made for her.

I think it's awfully cute, but Mom made this one as a practice; she's planning on making a few changes in the pattern.

Then she's going to make one out of fake fur.

I think Beau would be an easy one for her to make.

If she wanted a bit more challenge she could try to make it look like Sadie

or Heather. Of course, she'd have to remove the horns.

Baxter is a handsome guy that would make a nice stuffed animal.

Vesta might be a bit more challenging with her markings.

I'd like to see her try to make one look like my Bambi

or Dixie with all of her spots.

Who do you think would make a great stuffed animal?

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Peachick is Gone

The other day the human spent I don't know how much time looking for the little peachick.

She could have been scratching between my horns or serving me a nice cold bowl of pink lemonade, but she was searching in the building and in the outdoor pen and even outside the pen. The little chick had taken to hopping through the wire and feasting on the hay set out for the weaned goatie girls.

She never did find the chick. At first she thought this might have been the problem.

No, not the duck. The pool. Just a couple of days before she came rushing out of the building and swooped the little thing out of the pool. I could hear her in the barn talking to it. "Oh, poor baby. You just sit here. I'll hold you under the heat lamp until you're warm and dry and fluffy."

Poor baby, heck. It's called survival of the fittest. Anyhow, she emptied the pool and got clean water, which Quackers was enjoying, but she did not find a little peabody.

That made her think the something like this might be the culprit. After all, the chick had been going out of the pen, and a raccoon could have picked it off.

Personally, I think it's way more likely that it became a snack for this.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Done Kidding

Jilly finally did it.

Yep, she had her baby. It's the last one of the year.

She had one big wattled Marley girl. Good job, Jilly!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Good Night

Here is how we sleep at night.

Maggie is near her mom and three younger siblings.

Kizzy and her girls. Dana seems to think Dixie makes a good pillow.

My babies and me. Finally, a break from feeding Beau.
Wishing you a blessed evening.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Time to Wean?

Every day the human looks at my girl Pebbles and says, "Don't you think you should wean those girls?" or "You might want to think about weaning them."

What do you think? Do they look like they are ready to wean? They're only four months old, still babies really. Meg seems to think they are too big for nursing.

I say there's nothing like mother's milk to have big healthy babies. If you don't believe me look at these two.

It's Mo and Heather, two of Scarlet's triplets. Look again at how nice and healthy they are.

Poor Misty is the third triplet. I don't think she gets much milk at all anymore. That's because we goats are not supposed to have litters of kids, and Misty was always just a bit weaker.

Life stinks when you're the third triplet and there's only two spigots to drink from. That's why I only have one or two babies at a time. How about these two?

They were great until the human ran out of real goat's milk for their bottles, and they don't like the milk replacer (who can blame them?). Now they are a lot like Misty--wormy, scours, pot-bellied things. Don't worry, the human has treated them for the worms. Eventually, they will grow and eat the herbal wormer and get their stomachs settled down, but it isn't the best way for a kid to start.

As far as I'm concerned, Sugar and Spice are perfectly fine still nursing!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Mud Boots

The human won't buy us fun boots like Texan found. We have to be more creative to keep the mud from between our hooves, and trust me, that hasn't been easy this year.

Spice shows you where we can stand by the gate where the sidewalk comes into the barnyard. Sometimes, the human comes and pushes the gate open though, and then we have to move (except when Meg makes her climb over her).

Pebbles and Sugar are on the slab of concrete at the end of the sidewalk.

Penny has chosen the picnic table to keep her feet clean and dry.

All the moms were out in pasture, so Jetty volunteered to show us how we stand in the feed pans. There are a lot of feed pans, so this is how most of us try to stay out of the mud. The human doesn't like this because she has to dump all the bits of dirt and mud out of the pans when she feeds us.

Dixie demonstrates the usual kid method of using the pans to stay clean.

Annie has claimed the Queen of the Concrete spot. A girl can get all of her kids on this slab with her. Plus it's right in the middle of the barnyard, so you can see everything that's going on.

Jilly uses the concrete block to keep her feet out of the mud. It didn't work very well. Dolly came up and pushed her away.

Not one to give up, Jilly switched to the 4x4. Please note, the twelve foot 4x4 was blown off the other side of the roof of the peacock pen (yes, it was just sitting up there) during a storm.

Personally, I just wish the sun would shine and get rid of the mud, but we're expecting up to another three inches Wednesday night.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Medium Boys and Big Boys

Of all the eleven kids born in March, only three were boys. They've been weaned, and now they are with the two big boys.

Lily's twins, Red and Rover are getting to be very big. Rover is quiet and shy. He sidesteps when the human tries to pet him.

Red is the one that has a bit of an issue. We all thought he had gotten past this, but now he was stuck again. It's a good thing he has a big mouth and can holler at the human.

Mason is Pam's baby. He's such a sweet kid. He likes the human to scratch his head between those horns. He likes to hang out with Marley.

The human hopes she can find forever homes for them. Here they come. Medium boys in front and big boys in back.

Jack is the one that gets to be with most of us. He has given us a lot of polled kids this year. Obviously, the human wishes Red had gotten that gene from his dad.

Jack acts very much like a kid himself. He always tries to push his head in the food pitcher, spilling it. He also likes to help the human shovel snow in the winter. She says he's not much help.

Doesn't Marley look sweet? Just like little boys sleeping, big boys are sweet when they're asleep.

When he's awake, Marley is a giant goofball.

"Help, there's a fence stuck in my eye." He reminds us all of his dad, Goliath. The human even calls him that half the time.

I must say the big boys are already starting to get stinky to try to impress us. We're not impressed, but they are busy getting all gussied up with, shall we say hair gel and cologne. Goliath was the king of stink.

We hope Marley doesn't take after his dad this way. Are your boys getting stinky, yet?