Friday, December 17, 2010

Winning and Scarlet

I'm a winner! Pricilla the spokesgoat for Happy Goats Soap had a wonderful giveaway, and I won! I won some of her wonderful goat milk soap. You really should check out Pricilla's blog and soaps. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Look at that silly Scarlet.

She had a feather stuck on her nose. I think it tickled.


Sharon said...

That's just super, Millie, couldn't happen to a nicer girl! Congratulations!

Aw, maybe you should take the feather off Scarlet's nose, I bet she would appreciate it! But it does make a cute picture!

Pricilla said...

Maybe she wants to fly away...what do you think?
I am glad you are happy you won. The publicist will mail your soaps tomorrow.

Millie said...

Thank you! Thank you! If she actually flies, Isobelle will be very jealous. Knowing Scarlet, I would guess she was rooting her nose around looking for corn like the piggy she is.

IsobelleGoLightly said...

Hmmm....well Scarlet has the right idea to start collecting feathers for her flight attempt...She just has to stick them on her legs instead of her nose! Congratulations for winning that wonderful soap, Millie! Woo woo!

Marnax said...

There's a weird movie idea!
Attack Of The Flying Goats!
Rated S for smelly!