Friday, March 21, 2014

Big Announcements

For maaing out loud, I haven't been able to do my job of sharing all the exciting events going on at the farm.  Why not, you may ask.

Every time I try to blog, I get told, "No, Millie.  I don't have time right now."  No, Millie.  I have to pull quads out of Litha."  "No Millie.  I have to feed the bottle babies."  Well, I've snuck in a bit of computer time, so here's the low down.

Cookie:  buck and doe
Maggie:  two bucks and a doe (RIP one buck)
Dolly:  three bucks
Bonnie:  single buck (RIP)
Mary:  2 bucks and a doe
Pistol: 2 bucks and a doe
Bambi: 2 does and a buck
Sugar: a buck and a doe
Victoria: a buck and a doe
Haley: 2 bucks
Litha: 2 bucks and 2 does
Betty Lou: 3 does
Vinnie: 2 does


Patty Woodland said...

That is a lot of bucks and a lot of does.
I am glad I am not your human Millie.

Tell her I am very sorry about the poor little ones who did not make it.

Tayet said...

Gosh, Litha sure is an over achiever! I hope she has enough milk for all for of her kids. Or is your human bottle feeding some of them?

Mimi Foxmorton said...

Oh, how I long for a snuzzle! xoxoxoxoxo

Jan said...

I kept up with the happenings via FB, it's all very exciting. AND that's a lot of babies, for sure.

The Human said...

Litha has two of her kids, and I have two. The tiny one wouldn't have been able to eat, and the one boy has one leg that is pretty useless. They will all be fine though.

Mary Ann said...

And is the Kitchen Chicken helping?

Anonymous said...

Adorable grouping of pictures.


Candy C. said...

WOW!! I missed a whole LOT of kids!! :O