Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Winter Unprepared

The human.  How could she?  Look at this...

We're stuck out in the cold weather.

We're trying to find food.

"Feed me!" maaed Helen.

It's cold.

There's snow.

All I can do is look on as the whole herd is in danger of starving!

Oh, woe is me!!!!


Mary Ann said...

Cold down here, too, but not like IOWA cold!

Patty Woodland said...

Somehow Millie I do not think you human is going to let you starve.
I thinks you doth protest too much....

Candy C. said...

I agree with Patty and from what I can see, none of you is in any danger of starving to death anytime soon! You's not fat, you's fluffy! :)

S. J. Qualls said...

Yes, very cold, here too. I think there is no danger of starving soon, but I imagine your feet are pretty cold.