Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Noisy Change

You might remember that some does were not taking their kids to pasture.  Instead, they were leaving them with the bucks.  Well, the human said the bucks were no longer good responsible guys to be leaving the little girls in their care.  So she brought in some noisy machines

and some nice nephews, and they changed the fence.

Now those little does can't go in with with daddy goats.

They've joined us out in the big pasture.



I think they are quite happy with our nice pasture!


Patty Woodland said...

I don't blame them. It looks tasty

Mary Ann said...

Good for those nephews!

Nancy said...

How great to get help with this job Teresa... I know the little goats are grateful! :)

Jim said...

Hi MIllie ~~ I a m glad for your neices and nephews and for your future children. I know that it is expensive to build fences now that it has to be done with Catapillers and Tractor augers. Good for you Mom in thinking of all of you and for having the best interests for her flock.

I might be passing by your pasture later this fall, after October 16 sometime. We generally take U.S. Hwy 30 from Center Point/Cedar Rapids over to Blair, Nebraska to go see my Nebraska cousins. We are due a visit there.

Tell Teresa too, Congratulations on here new book, The Elements. I know she is happy that you are helping with it in all sorts of ways. Is your picture in it?

Millie said...

I don't rate high enough to get my picture on the cover. Harrumph! You'd think she'd immortalize me on the front since I'm already a famous musical, blogging goat. I don't get off the farm much, just when fences fail, but the human tells me that you will be very close to us as you drive by State Center. I have been known to lead a farm tour or two!