Thursday, September 19, 2013

A Character

Today, I'm donning my other horns.  Instead of being a famous, musical blogging goat, I'm working as the spokesgoat for...

my human.

See, she wrote a novel and I am one of the "characters" in her book.

So's Bob.

She wanted me to tell you that her novel, The Elements, is available through Amazon.  She is also hosting a giveaway at Goodreads.  You can enter the giveaway through the sidebar widget.  Be warned though, this isn't a book for kids, only mature bucks and does.

All of us animals at Eden Hills would appreciate it if you helped spread the news about our human's book, so everybody buys it.  Maybe then she'd be able to stay home with us all the time!


Patty Woodland said...

You should be the STAR Millie!

Candy C. said...

Well, Millie, we all KNOW that you are a character! (snicker, snicker)
I hope the human's book sells millions of copies so that she can stay home with all her critters and become a famous novelist! :)

S. J. Qualls said...
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S. J. Qualls said...

I'm sure you have an important part, Millie.