Thursday, May 16, 2013

Reservation Mix-Up

There seems to be a bit of confusion.  We had two couples of Canada geese insisting that they had reservations to spend the night in our Back Forty.

They couldn't get along.  The two ganders decided to fight over the space.

Guess who lost?

 He was stuck up on top of the tree.

The other gander was down there waiting for him.

His woman was on the other side of the tree waiting for him.

I don't know how long that silly gander was stuck in the tree because we went back to the barnyard and went to bed.

Really.  You can't share the Back Forty (as in forty acres for four birds)?????


Patty Woodland said...

Now we know where the phrase "silly goose" comes from

S. J. Qualls said...

Yep, Patty has that right!

Candy C. said...

Good one Patty! :)