Tuesday, April 9, 2013


We had lovely basking weather this weekend.

It was really nice!


Patty Woodland said...

That is super basking!

Millie! Tell your human that if she gives me the code for her goodreads giveaway I'll post it on my blog and Pricilla's blog

Tracy said...

There was some advanced basking going on over there! You all looked so cozy!

SmithGang said...

Millie. I must have missed the intro n reads on the goat in the top picture. what beautiful markings of colar that goat has looks nice with that red collar. so glad yall had a chance to sun bath.so relaxing:)

Millie said...

SmithGang. That is my beautiful daughter, Bambi. :-)

Dreaming said...

The pictures are great! At each one I'd think, "Mmmmmm, sunshine!" or "Mmmmmmm, warmth"