Friday, March 22, 2013

We're Waiting

We're waiting on seven girls to have babies.  The human is already driving us crazy with her hovering.

Pam Street

She wakes us up in the night with that bright light, and I hear her naming off and counting the girls that are due.  We'll be glad when the kids arrive!


Patty Woodland said...

She is not the only one.
This time of year can drive a human crazy!

Tracy said...

It's annoying for both you and her but you'll be thankful if one of the goatie girls needs help!

Candy C. said...

Doesn't she know you girls need your sleep, especailly the ones who are expecting?!?

SmithGang said...

Ahh get used to it little momas those sweet babies will not let you nap long ahhh the every two hour feedings.bottle feeding one sweet little one in my house right now and the night duty has been rough. your human moma is preparing you ladies for what's to come:) good luck my ladies.