Thursday, March 7, 2013


I am just waiting to be a grandnanny again.

Bambi is due on March 22, and she's getting kind of big.

The human says she doesn't have time for me to get on the computer and post much.  She's too busy with "author" stuff.

She's even hosting a giveaway for her novel on her blog.  Anyhow this is my warning that I might not get to post very much.  Maybe you guys can change her mind...

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Patty Woodland said...

Oh Millie. What will I do without you and Myson to make me smile?

I nominated Myson's photo for a Blogpaws award.

I can't wait to read your human's book. Maybe if she becomes a RICH author she will give you lots of peanuts

Millie said...

I'll butt her to make me have some computer time, but she complains about doing too much and you are one of the few that comes to see me anymore.

Tracy said...

I see you everyday, but I don't always comment. I can honestly say I have read every word on your blog Millie :) I'm happy about your human's book getting published and I hope she does very well with all that author business. I can't wait to read her novel!

Candy C. said...

Well, butt her again Millie! I would miss you and Myson and all the other goaties very, very much!!

Melodie said...

I would miss you all too!