Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Monday, August 29, 2011

More Dinner Woes

You saw poor Cinnamon covered in those nasty little stick to you seedy things. Well, she's not the only one who has those problems. Minnie has them stuck in her beard.

She tries to scratch them out, but it's not working very well.

Still, she looks happy scratching her chin.

What's this?

Poor Betty Lou's beard is completely knotted in those darn burrs.

I try to be way more careful than that.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Wearing Her Supper

There are certain hazards in browsing in the Back Forty this time of year.

Cinnamon seems to be wearing a bit of her supper.

We have these weeds that grab our fur and stick in it. Really, it's quite annoying!

But there's so much good stuff to eat, so we'll put up with these weeds.

Friday, August 26, 2011

My 7 Links

Pricilla is such a sweet goat. She nominated me to participate in My 7 Links, created by Tripbase Blog. It's been really fun to look back through the 443 posts that I've published since I started my blog in March, 2010. That means this is number 444! I'm supposed to tell you:

- My most beautiful post
– My most popular post
– My most controversial post
– My most helpful post
– A post whose success surprised me
– A post I feel didn’t get the attention it deserved
– The post that I am most proud of

So here they are:

My most beautiful post was to tell everyone Happy Earth Day! I think any post that celebrates the Earth is wonderful!

(I don't know why that silly Leo cat is so huge. I'm not a technically savvy goat, and the human obviously couldn't help me.)

My most popular post was Stuffed Goat.

Really I"m not controversial at all. I'm sweet and wise, so how could anyone ever not agree with what I write. I guess my most controversial post was Sorrow. I try to be cheerful, but this one is sad.

My most helpful post was Visiting Iowa State University. I hope everyone now knows that there are things you can do to help an anemic goat.

The post who's success surprised me is Kizzy Kay Street on Horns. I do love horns, but it surprises me that so many people have viewed this one. Technically, Kizzy was the author of this post, but it's my blog!

The post that didn't get the attention it deserved. Well ALL of them! If I have to pick one, I'd say Day at the Spa because it shows how nice the human is to me, and not very many people commented on that.

The post I'm most proud of is Summer Solstice. It made my human cry to read it and hear the nice comments.

Now, I'm supposed to pass this on to up to 5 more bloggers. This is the hard part because so many have already been nominated. There are so many that I enjoy, and I don't want to upset anyone that I don't nominate. Oh dear, who to choose...

I guess I'll pass this on to Alicia at Happily Married to the Cows. She has a lovely blog, but she really should devote more blog time to the goats. I'm just saying...

I also want to pass this on to Sharon at I Forget What I Forgot. I just adore Sharon. If she were my human, she'd feed me peanuts every day.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Where I Had to Go

Before that silly cat hijacked my blog, I was going to tell you where I was headed and why.

I heard the human holler for us to come and get our dinner. I always like to eat my grain, but the human had promised me a special treat.

I was waiting and waiting (while I was eating), but finally I got tired of waiting. I turned and gave her the goat stare of death.

That must have really scared the human because she finally brought me...


I so love to eat peanuts. They are just so yummy.

She even gave my girl, Bambi, a peanut treat!

Finally, she gives us the attention we deserve.

She's ignored us all year with triplets and sick goats and, and, and...

I think we should get peanuts every day! That would make me a very happy goat!

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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Hijacked Blog

Snickers here! I know Millie was going to tell you what was so important, but I have even more important news.

Tayet is a delightful young lady that has begun a new meme on her blog In A Goat's Shoes.

This week's theme is "cats." That's why I had to hijack the blog; Millie wasn't going to tell you about it.

All you cats out there, you need to get your humans to check it out and link up a post that is all about you.

If you can't get them to do it, hijack their blog!

Go on over and link up by clicking HERE. I'll let Millie have her blog back tomorrow.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

No Time to Post

I don't have time to post. I'm in a hurry. I have places to be and things to do.

There's no time to stop and smell the flowers.

I guess I better not rush too much.

I don't want to wear this fellow on my face.

Really, I'll be back to update you tomorrow.


Monday, August 22, 2011

Naughty Rooster Boy

The human moved the peafowl and ducks back to their pen, but she didn't do anything with Naughty Rooster Boy and the two hens. She just left them and said, "Don't go in the yard."

Well, Rooster Boy was a free range bird until he was shut in last month. He was happy to be out.

He even had the company of one lovely hen.

The human reminded her that the dogs would eat her if she went in the yard. Looks like she's taking that warning to heart.

Where was the other hen?

She was too big of a, well, chicken to even come out of the building. Suppose she'll ever come out and enjoy being a free range hen?

She has the other two back in the building with her today. They are just sitting up there being hot. Bird brained chickens.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

This Afternoon

This afternoon, just about dinner time, the human and her mom came into the barnyard. We all got ready to eat, but she didn't feed us.

She went in the building and came out without food, and went to the other building and came out without food, and went back to the other building. She kept doing this over and over. When she got done, there was a big change in the barnyard.

The peafowl and ducks are back in the big pen where they had been for a very long time. Those peafowl still haven't settled down from the human catching them. They just keep pacing back and forth.

The ducks were a bit calmer. They took a bath and then they felt at home again.

We had to wait forever to get our dinner. That Bud is always trying to get the first bite (he tries eating it before it hits the feed pan).

She did finally feed us though, so I'm happy again.

Guess what the human did with Naughty Rooster Boy~I'll tell you tomorrow who's right.

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Friday, August 19, 2011

Playground Problems

There is a lovely oak tree where the kids like to play in the barnyard while we big goats are out in pasture. Look what happened last night with our little wind.

How upsetting. The llama was mad because the human shut the gate and he couldn't go out to the Back Forty.

We were trapped in the barnyard all day! With no food! Do you know what happens when we are all stuck together with no food? Fights break out.

Luckily, the human's wonderful dad and nephew came and worked. They had a very loud, noisy machine that ripped the tree into pieces. They brought the backhoe in to hold the tree while the other cut it up. When they left, the tree was moved.

I checked it out to make sure it was safe.

Of course, I had to taste the bark. Mmmmmm. Bark.

Then the kids decided to play on it. I guess it's still a playground for them.

When the human came home, she fixed the fence (sort of).

Boy, did that llama get out of there in a hurry!

We decided to take our time and much on the tree.

Snacks. Playing. Let me rethink this situation.

Well, maybe it won't be so bad, but it's still going to take some time to get used to.

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