Monday, January 31, 2011

I Smell...


I know they're in her pocket.


Oh, I think I got it.

I love my peanuts!

There's more peanut posts coming. We love peanuts here!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

What Penny Did

This is what Penny did.

She gave the goat stare of death to...


You should never give the goat stare of death to the herd queen!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Naughty Girl

Penny looks like she must have been naughty since she's standing in the corner.

What do you suppose she did?

Friday, January 28, 2011

Holy Hen! What's Going On?

When the human let me in the duck, peacock, and chicken pen the other day so I could eat some corn in private, she gave a small handful of corn to this one.

The llama gets my peanut. Now the hen gets my corn. I might starve if this keeps up!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Who Else Wanted a Peanut?

You'll never believe what stuck-up llama wanted to try a peanut!

He never is interested in anything, and he just ignores the human.

We were enjoying peanuts so much, that he wanted to try one.

The human only gave him the little nuts from inside the shell because she read that llamas choke easily (let them I say). There's a peanut in that mouth!

He seems to have enjoyed it too! Are you tired of our peanut adventures yet?

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Kids Try Peanuts

When the human brought me peanuts, she also let some of the kids try them. Vixen sniffed it over

as did Pistol, but they were too shy to take it from her.

Flash certainly was not too shy. He really enjoyed them.

Bud was a bit greedy. He kept grabbing peanuts or the human's fingers and then spitting them out.

Flower also thought they were good.

Fancy is checking it out.

She seems to be trying to sneak that peanut and not let Flower know she has it. "Peanut? What peanut? I don't have a peanut."

Maddie found it yummy too.

Even Bambi decided she'd get really really close to the human,

if she got a yummy peanut!

Basically, the kids mauled her and jumped on her to the point she threatened not to bring any more peanuts. That better not happen!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Not a Goat

Someone was in the pen with Flash and the girls.

Do you think the silly goose thinks they're a goat?

I think it forgot where it went through the fence and isn't smart enough to figure it out again.

Suppose the human will have to do a rescue?

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Guilt Works

Lookie, lookie...

It worked!

I'm so happy!

The human brought me peanuts.

I'd never tried them before.

I LOVE peanuts! I could eat them all day.

They are so yummy and crunchy and nummy!

Please, keep them coming!

Friday, January 21, 2011

My Mail!

I got mail! It was even addressed to me! I was so excited, but the human wouldn't let me open it myself. It was a box from TexWisGirl. I won her giveaway.

The human said the box was marked "fragile," so she didn't think she should let me rip it open and eat the box. I didn't even get to eat the packing peanuts. She said they weren't like real peanuts anyhow. I've heard that peanuts are a really good treat for goats, but the human has never given me a peanut.

Then she wouldn't let me have the bubble wrap because she said I'd be burping bubbles and the tape would stick my insides together. Really?

She wouldn't even let me hang it in the barn. Isn't it beautiful? It was drawn by TexWisGirl, and I think it looks very beautiful. I want my mail!

Thursday, January 20, 2011


Jack was fighting with Marley. It wasn't smart since Marley's horns are tougher than Jack's polled noggin.
His fur is starting to grow back, but I'm afraid he'll be frostbit before long. Silly goat.

I'm thinking of asking the human to shear the llama and let me try my hand at knitting.

My retirement plan!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Horning In

Someone is trying to horn in on my status as the favorite goat! Doesn't Dixie just look like a little devilish girl?

She is. Here she comes, strolling up to the human.

Look at that! She just jumps right up. Would the human let me do that? No!

She thinks she is so special! Just because she's little and cute.

Getting scratches between her horns.

The top of her nose petted.

Even nibbling the human's gloves.

Little does she know, I can NEVER be replaced!

Monday, January 17, 2011

More of my Kidhood

The human said she was really starting to regret bringing us home because she couldn't get us to eat. She tried using a bottle, but she had no luck. Her mom had no luck. Her sister had no luck. She thought we were going to starve to death. Then she tried a bowl. We were bowl babies, not bottle babies! From then on, she'd mix up bowls and we'd dive in.

Maddie never did get to be a good eater, and after a couple of days, she had blood in her stool. She said the vet was not very friendly when she called them. They said that coccidiosis was often a management problem. She said they were more understanding when she told them we didn't get it from her kitchen floor. The next day Meg had blood in her stool. Then we all got medicine for coccidiosis. Minnie, Cutie, Meg and I all got better quickly.

Maddie (in the picture) got very very sick. The human made a gruel out of milk replacer and goat chow and used a baby spoon to feed her. Still she got worse. She developed polio, which can kill a goat. It's a thiamin deficiency. She had to go to the vets and she was tubed (fluids put directly into a tube to her stomach). She got many, many shots of thiamin and antibiotics. The human even took her to work with her because she was so sick. She did finally recover. Later, Maddie always told us that's why she was so smart: she got to go to school.

That's Maddie in the back. I'm on top dangling over Cutie! Then Meg, and you can just see a bit of Minnie. We had a lot of fun bouncing on the boy!

Let's see. I already told you about the frostbite on the ears and the infection in the ear tags. That's why they cut them out of our ears. They cut the tags, not our ears. Meg also had treatments for an eye infection. See the picture below. No tags by this time. We were all growing.

That's Minnie in the back left. You can see my short ear, but I was sleeping very soundly. Meg is in the middle. Maddie is in front, and Cutie is in the back. We always liked to curl up together to sleep in front of the door.