Monday, May 10, 2010

Day at the Spa

Maybe it's because it was Mother's Day and my daughters, Joe and Pebbles, wanted to treat me special. Maybe it's because I am so wonderful and the human just couldn't live without me.

It started with a treat of dandelion.

They are so bright yellow and they taste just as sunny. Yummy, yummy. We don't have any of these left in the pasture. The kids eat them just as soon as they start to open, so we adults never get them.

After the delicious snack, it was on to the next event. I'm not quite as thrilled, but I decided to go along for the ride.
It was a pedicure. She started in the front and worked her way around to the back.

I am graceful, but it's kind of hard to balance on the other three feet when you are four months pregnant. That darn Pistol tried to butt in on my special spa treatment.

Oops, I went along with the pedicure because the Boy was straddling my neck. How humiliating! I must admit, I feel much better with the hooves nicely trimmed. What a day, and it wasn't over yet. Look at what came after the pedicure!

A good rump scratch! What a perfect way to end the day.

With the baby belly I'm growing, it's starting to get hard to reach back there with my horns, so it feels really good. I am a lucky goat!


Melodie said...

A special day for a special goatie! I did not realize what a big goat you are until I saw you with your people! I bet you give a lot of yummy milk!

Pricilla said...

You are a beautiful girl for sure. I love your horns.

I miss mine.

Millie said...

We grow big here in Iowa! Of course I produce lots of milk, but I make the human fight my kids for it.

Thank you Pricilla, you too are beautiful, even though you don't have horns.

Crystalrainbow said...

Dear Millie Goat :) if you have time between scratching and grooming pop over to mine (sparkle and shine) and pick up that award, i decided to extend my nominees specially to include you :) you are such a lucky girl and i cant wait to hear your answers :)
x x x

Texan said...

Your such a pretty goat! Love your horns girly!